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Membres du groupe:

Joe Strummer (chant, guitare), Mick Jones (guitare, chant), Paul Simonon (basse), Topper Headon (batterie)


 Titre : The clash  Anneé : 1977  Label : CBS

  1-Clash city rockers                              10-Career opportunities
  2-I'm so bored with the U.S.A.              11-What's my name
  3-Remote control                                  12-Hate and war
  4-Complete control                               13-Police and thieves
  5-White riot                                          14-Jail guitar door
  6-White man in Hammersmith palais    15-Garageland
  7-London's burning
  8-I fought the law
  9-Janie Jones
 Titre : London calling  Année : 1979  Label : CBS

  1-London calling               10-The guns of Brixton    19-Train in vain
  2-Brand new cadillac          11-Wrong'em boyo
  3-Jimmy Jazz                     12-Death or glory
  4-Hateful                            13-Koka kola
  5-Rudie can't fail                14-The card cheat
  6-Spanish bombs                15-Lover's rock
  7-The right profile              16-Four horsemen
  8-Lost in the supermarket   17-I'm not down
  9-Clampdown                     18-Revolution rock